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Category: Forex Trading

How Much Over Asking Price Should I Offer on a Home?

Buyers are generally willing to pay less for an asset, while sellers expect to receive more. Bid-ask spread is affected by a stock’s liquidity i.e., the number of stocks that are traded on a daily basis. Those with larger trading volumes tend to have many buyers and sellers in the marketplace, and therefore will have […]

Purchasing Managers Index PMI

You can read more on how the S&P Global PMI has outperformed the ISM survey in providing more accurate indications of actual manufacturing trends in recent years, most likely due to differences in panel structure and questionnaire design. The full version of the report includes individual subindexes, which characterize inflation, employment and other key indicators […]

Forex Trading Pips Explained! For Beginners

For most currency pairs, the value of a pip is calculated by multiplying the position size by the pip value in the quote currency. The pip value is determined by the exchange rate between the base currency and the quote currency. Now that we know what a pip is, let’s explore how 3 best forex […]