Road Technology Company. P. O. Box 5451, Riyadh 11422, Saudi Arabia

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About Us

Everyday safety measures and tools are being developed every day to reduce and prevent serious traffic accidents on roads and highways.

We believe that it is our responsibility to ensure the highest safety systems and procedures in order to keep society safe on the roads.

Road technology co . has been able to establish and provide aspecific safety effective system which match international satetysListem. By well collaboration and intensive effort with international companies working in the same field. The company have succeeded to import the main needed raw materials and manage to assemble them locally the company also plane to transfer the technology to the Saudi Arabia and Saudi professional for such technology.

Communication Infrastructure is a backbone of any nation and Roads are playing vital role in this, rather it is more essential part of this infrastructure. While using these Roads we need to proper traffic safety system. A traffic system is complete science, consisting of many rules, warning signs, informative signs and many others.

Road Technology Company was established in 2003, it is one of the largest companies in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is providing variety of Road safety products. We are manufacturing Warning Sign Boards, Regulatory Sign Boards, Informative Sign Boards and Related products. We are also manufacturing Highway and security fencing.