Warning and regulatory Road Signs (60cm to 120 cm Size)

Regulatory signs: These signs require the driver to obey the signs for the safety of other road users.

Warning signs: These signs are for the safety of oneself who is driving and advise the drivers to obey these signs

Standard traffic Regulatory and Warning Signs are manufactured from aluminum sheets 3 mm/thickness with reflection sheets that are verified by MOT form diamond grade (DG3) or equivalent.

Ground Mounted Highway’s Signs

Ground Mounted Signs are manufactured from Aluminum extruded blanks with width 20 cm & Thickness of 2 mm covered with standard verified reflection sheets, Posts are manufactured from verified standard Galvanized I-beam, Which are different in quantity & size based on Sign Dimensions.

Overhead signs  Gantry and Cantilever

Overhead Gantry Sign Board that is widely used to display directional information and distance from a different destination