The CS8800 Walking Profiler is an inclinometer based system with high repeatability. The walking platform gives the operator more control at a slower pace than a vehicle mounted unit. Repeatability for the CS8800 exceeds 99% on multiple surface types, as required for a benchmark profiler

As a benchmark profiler, the CS8800 can collect elevation profiles on inertial profiler certification tracks for the accuracy comparison under the AASHTO r56 inertial profiler certification.

The CS8800 is the base model for the FF/FL and ADA compliance walking profiler models. Other options for the CS8800 are texture measurement, ROW camera, and dual axis inclinometer.


Hardware & Software

Professionally Designed Hardware

The CS8800 hardware can be folded into a rolling case for shipment. The onboard battery powers the CS8800 electronics, sensors, and can also charge the computer. The extended capacity battery can last up to 10 hours.

The CS8800 has an outrigger wheel for stability – system roll does not affect the pitch of the inclinometer used for longitudinal profiling.

The laser and computer are easily removed with cable disconnects.

Report IRI and Smoothness Metrics

The CS8800 is ASTM E2133 compliance and can report IRI, MRI, HRI, PRI, RN, CA Bridge, and localized roughness. The data can be exported to PDF, Excel, ERD/PPF and raw strip trace formats. Data is collected within SSI Profiler and the analysis parameters can be rewritten at any time.

The CS8800 can be used as a benchmark profiler for inertial profiler certifications under AASHTO r56.


Configure For Your Needs
The baseline CS8800 is a longitudinal profiler with a single axis inclinometer. Optional features include:

  • Dual or single axis inclinometer
    • Single axis is longitudinal profiling
    • Dual axis is for longitudinal profiles and cross-slope reporting
  • Dot laser for rapid elevation changes or faulting/cracking
  • Line laser for texture measurement (MPD, ETD, RMS, raw)
  • ROW camera tied to stationing and GPS
  • Larger wheels to move over rougher pavement (sidewalks)
  • Rolling shipping case for all components
  • Onsite training available worldwide



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