Polymer Modifier Bitumen


Polymer Modifier Bitumen

Manufacturer of Polymer Modified Bitumen as per SHRP (Strategic Highway Research Program) Specification for road purposes.

REDA NATIONAL COMPANY has a most modern technique using high shear mill well capable of mixing all types of polymers, which gives a uniform dispersion of polymer into the bitumen. All the plants are fully automatic with a computerized touch screen to control all the operations automatically in the production.

All storage tanks (digesters) have to mix facilities to keep the material in homogeneous condition.

Grade produced: Reda National Co. can produce all PG grades specified as per SHRP spec.

For example: PG 70-10, PG 76-10, PG 76-16; PG 70-16; PG 76-22, PG 70-22 and PG 82-10 etc.…




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