REDA Grouting Compound is a tropical grade material with modified bitumen, specialized filers and plasticizers.

The purpose is to use for the installation of REDA Aluminum Studs.

Technical Details of Grouting Compounds
Density (Specific Gravity) : 1.80 gms/cc
Filler Content: 72 – 75%
Anti – twist Torque: 150 n/
Flash Point COC: 220°C (Min)
Softening Point: 110° – 130°C
Pouring Temperature: 160°- 190°C
Penetration: @25C  5 – 15

Method of Application: The Bitumen must be heated in temperature controlled bitumen heater, fitted with an agitator, preferably motor drive. The temperature must be carefully controlled and agitation maintained to prevent settlement of the filler components. Material to be applied to stud cavity at pouring temperature of 160° – 190°C.

UNDR NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD THE GROUT BE HEATED TO OVER 230°C as this will result in hardening and loss of penetration which is a measure of elasticity.

Quantity: approximate quantities required for:

10x 10 cms aluminum road stud             (+) – 150 grams/stud

15 x 15 cms aluminum road stud            (+) – 230 grams/stud


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