Soler Road Studs


Solar-powered road studs also called solar road markers or known as solar road reflectors, are a kind of traffic safety warning lights with amber, yellow, green, red, blue, white color options. They are generally installed along the road or motorway surface. It is used to indicate the direction of the road. Especially in rainy&foggy weather, or at bends, the road contour can be better marked to remind the driver to pay attention to the driving route ahead. Greatly reduce traffic accidents.

As a professional manufacturer&supplier of solar road stud light in china. Our advantages and services for solar-powered road markers as following:

    • Die-aluminum body, load capacity up to 20T.
    • Best quality but good price. We are ISO9001:2015 Approval for quality management.
    • Free sample available.
    • They are all compliant with TRAFFIC SIGNS REGULATIONS IN 2016.


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