Glass Markers


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Glass Beads have technical applications in sectors as varied as:

Leading-edge or traditional technology industries (cleaning and finishing of surface by controlled shot-blasting)
Horizontal road markings (reflexivity of road surface markings so as to make them visible at night)
Conservation of historic buildings (cleaning of stone facades by dry projection)
Industrial site fire-fighting (multi-purpose extinguisher powder)
Manufacture of glass beads, with diameters ranging from a few microns to several millimeters, entails very high-precision processing.

Feature: 1.Made of special high intensity glass with colors of white and yellow in high temperature,so that can be matched with the different color of road marking lines. 2.Designed with excellent characteristics:24-hours reflecting, 360-degree high bright reflecting, high pressure-resisting, smooth surface with no sharp edge and long service life.

Application: Glass road studĀ is used at Parking lots, Curves and on Highways.

Type: Round Top,Flat Top
Size: Diameter 100mm
Height: 55mm,47mm
Spherical Height: 25mm,19mm
Weight: 550g/piece,520g/piece
Body Material: Tempered Glass
Reflective Material: Aluminum Reflector
Reflective Angle: 360 Degree
Pressure Resistance: 30tons
Reflective Distance: 200m
Color: Yellow, White or Customized
Life Span: 5years


1.Drill a hole, the diameter of 100mm, depth of 24mm, and clean it.

2.After the adhesive dries, pour in right amount of epoxy resin or asphalt glue.

3.Put glass road studs into the hole, then spin it slightly to push out epoxy resin or asphalt glue.


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