REDA NATIONAL provides services in reflective products for Saudi Arabian market for all types of traffic signs.

R.T.C. is a subsidiary of Reda Group for manufacturing mainly road signs of all types according to the specification of the Ministry of Transport, municipalities, and traffic authorities- Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. R.T.C. can also supply any other signs as requested by the customer. The other products are being manufactured. In R.T.C. are highway and security fences and aluminum ingots.

  •   A-  Warning, Regulatory Signs

(Standard Traffic Signs, Circles, Triangles, Octagon, Rectangles and Squares).

  • Plate: Aluminum 3 mm thickness.
  • Reflective: As required and according to M.O.T. (High intensity grade).
  • Symbols: Silkscreen method.
  • Application: By means of Vacuum / Heat applications.
  • Paint: Back side of the signs painted Gray Stove enamel baked at 160° C.
  • Mounting: Signs are mounted to posts by means of rear fixing channels and galvanized steel clamps. Channels are fixed electronically to the back side of the sign, so no bolts or screw heads appear on the reflective face of the sign panels.
  • Directional Signs: These type of signs are made according to the specifications of the Saudi Ministry of Transportation (M.O.T).
  • Panel: Extruded aluminum planks 200 mm modules. (Black side not painted).
  • Reflective: Super engineering grade for background with high intensity grade legend.
  • B- Single Post Support 3.5” (89 mm) outside diameter with breakaway assembly.
  • C- IPE Post for Directional Signs

Posts for directional signs are made from IPE sections with breakaway assembly and fuse plate. The size and length of IPE posts calculated to stand 1.58 KN.M wind pressure for each signs.

The client provides R.T.C. with the sketches for the required signs and the cross-section of the road at the location of the sign. R.T.C. Engineering Department will work out the shop drawings, IPE post size, and footing calculations


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