SWARCO Glass Beads have technical applications in sectors varied as:

  • The leading – edge or traditional technology industries (cleaning and finishing of surfaces by controlled shot – blasting)
  • Horizontal road markings (reflectivity of road surface markings so as to make them visible in the night)
  • The conservation of historic buildings (cleaning of stone facades by dry projection)
  • Industrial site fire-fighting ( multi – purpose extinguisher powder)
  • The manufacture of glass beads, with diameters ranging from a few microns to several millimeters, entails very high-precision processing.

Manufacturing Expertise

Ensuring the user a constant quality for all types of glass beads implies fault – free manufacturing monitoring, based upon the skills of the staff and the mastery of the processes.

Quality Assurance

At every stage of the manufacturing process, REDA submits its products to rigorous quality control: the grinding of the glass, the SPHERICITY of the glass beads, the GRANULOMETRIC distribution, surface treatment, packaging, etc.

Sophisticated computerized control techniques (LASER diffraction GRANULOMETER, digital image analyzer, etc. ) guarantee that the most rigorous standards and specifications are adhered to.


Reflective glass beads are among the most economical means to create safer driving conditions. Only road markings that contain glass beads are night-visible. No beads – no visibility at night. When a car’s headline beam shines on a striping which integrates glass beads, the striping seems to light up and gets much better visible at night. This effect is called Retro-Reflection.

Glass beads are the result of a recycling process. Flat glass cullet (waste glass from window manufacturers) is crushed and transformed in furnaces into spherically shaped reflectors that become a road safety product.

Raswa Co., bead products comply with National and International standards like MOT (Saudi Ministry of Transportation), AASHTO; EN and BS 6088 etc…

The Glass Bead Types are:

  • MOT – KSA Pre-Mix
  • MOT – KSA Drop-On
  • AASHTO Designation: M 247 Type I: Pre-Mix
  • AASHTO Designation: M 247 Type II: Drop-On
  • BS EN 1424 Pre-Mix
  • BS EN 1423 Drop-On
  • BS 6088 Class A Pre-Mix
  • BS 6088 Class B Drop-On
  • FS. TT-B-1325C Gradation A Drop-On




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