The DURA-PATCHER Trailer mount is the best-selling patcher in the industry. Simple to use and high performing. See the general guidelines below to match your Requirements:

  1. You already have dump trucks in your fleet.
  2. Your work consists of city-county work and has few Height clearance issues
  3. Your budget will not permit a dedicated vehicle.
  4. Productivity is important due to the high volume of patches.

Technical Details:

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The DuraPacher System
VENTURI FEED SYSTEM: Utilizes virtually no moving parts in the delivery system. A high volume low-pressure blower creates an airstream t both clean the repair area and deliver the aggregate to the patch. No augers, conveyors, or the other worn parts are required making the system the most reliable in the industry.

  1. CLEAN: Air only to clear water and debris.
  2. PREP: Air and emulsion on to coat paint area.
  3. FILL: The gate opens allowing aggregate into the air stream. Aggregate is coated at the nozzle and injected into the patch providing compaction.
  4. COVER: Emulsion off, Aggregate covers patch to allow traffic and prevent tracking. Gate closes, patch complete. Gravity Feed Delivery Aggregate is gravity fed from the tow vehicle to the DuraPatcher hopper. The air slide opens to introduce aggregate to the air delivery system. Integrated Hopper grate helps break up clumps and provides smooth delivery of stone.

Easy to Read Gauge
Large easy to read gauges keep operators informed of important temperatures and air pressures.

Ergonomic No Stress Boom
The 3 piece boom design provides the ultimate support for the operator. The boom slice system easily moves the hose throughout the 18 ft. working area. The boom supports the hoe and wand keeping the weight and stress off of the operator.

Heated Emulsion Tank
The 250-gallon pressurized onboard emulsion tank provides enough production products over 10tons of patch on a single fill. The unique heating blankets allow the patcher to be plugged in during non-patching times to keep the emulsion at peak temperature. Unlike heating probes, blanket heating allows 100% capacity usage and preheating of tan prior to filling.

Vent Flo Nozzle
The specially designed Vent-Flo nozzle properly coats the aggregate with the right amount of emulsion regardless of aggregate size. The mix is applied at an angle to the patch allowing maximum placement and best operator safely. The Vent-Flo diffuses the air stream to minimize rock overspray and maximize placement in the repair. The optimal nozzle heater helps performance during colder weather.

Directional Traffic Control
Large directional arrow light helps protect the operator when patching on public roads.


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