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Communication Infrastructure is back bone of any nation and Roads are playing vital role in this, rather it is more essential part of this infrastructure.

While using these Roads we need to proper traffic safety system. A traffic system is complete science, consisting of many rules, warning signs, informative signs and many others.

Road Technology Company was established in 2003, it is one of the largest companies in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is providing variety of Road safety products. We are manufacturing Warning Sign Boards, Regulatory Sign Boards, Informative Sign Boards and Related products. We are also manufacturing Highway and security fencing.

Our all products are as per MOT and ARAMCO standards.

We produce:






The production line of traffic signs deems to be of basic and active lines in this distinct industrial imposing structure, where the company has been able to execute innumerable of worldwide and local contracting companies where of entitled to be at first place as a manufacturing company for traffic signs ( Warning and Regulatory and Informative and work zone Signs) and execution of street names and houses numbering too, at whatever Riyadh and many of cities in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


The warning signs are used to warn and alert the road user from any existing or possible hazards on the road, street or beside it to avoid any sudden danger that may negatively affect his action. These signs usually placed before the danger sites with proper distance according to the specifications. The warning signs require taking attention and caution by the road user for his safety and other’s safety.

Form and Color of Warning Signs:

All warning signs are generally in the form of equilateral triangle with the following colors:

1- White ground (sign background).

2- Black symbols and figures on the front side of sign

3- Red frame


In general, all the regulatory signs in Circular Shape and the colors should be as follows

Regulatory signs are used to inform the road users about the traffic systems and the different restrictions and limitations that should be observed during the driving or using the road. These signs show the traffic systems and rules and the user shall be subjected to sanction in case of violation. There are several types and items of regulatory signs as follows:

Set of signs on road including the following:

–           Stop sign

–           Give priority sign

–           Speed signs set.

–           Driving signs set and driving restrictions.

–           Waiting signs set

–           Compulsory signs set

Forms and Colors of Regulatory Signs:


1- White ground (sign background).

2- Black symbols and figures on the front side of sign

3- Red frame

There are some exceptions such as:

1- Signs of (stop) and (give priority). Stop sign has octagonal shape with red background and white writing and frame to be marked for importance. (Give priority sign) has equilateral triangle upside-down (head to down) with white color background and red frame.

2- Compulsory signs have blue color background and white writing.


The informative signs are basically used for guiding and directing the road users to the cities, villages, streets and other important and necessary destinations. It also shows the distances, directions and important geographic, geological, historical and religious places in addition to the general services on road.

Generally, these signs insure these information and assist the drivers over the road to take the short roads to reach to their destinations.

Forms and Colors of Informative Signs

Forms and symbols color used in informative signs are different and diverse as there is no standard form for all signs. So, the sizes of signs are basically defined in length of message required to be sent.

For the colors of informative signs, it is also different and the colors are defined as per the type of message such as:


1- Signs on roads out the cities have blue color and white writing but inside  cities either has green background and white writing or white ground and black writing.

2- For indication to cities and villages, it has blue background and white writing.

3- For indication to roads and main streets inside the city, it has green back ground and white writing.

4- For indication to districts inside the city and local destinations such as hospitals, it has white background and black writing.

5- For indication to welfare facilities, ancient areas and museums, it has brown background and white writing and also with the religious signs and farms names.



The work zone signs are used for the same purpose of previous signs (warning, regulatory and informative) with simple variation. Work zone signs warn, organize and inform about the emergent and abnormal state on road to be considered by the drivers and road users.

Second: Forms and Colors of Work Zone Signs

Forms of work zone signs in streets and roads are the same forms in main sets by which the traffic signs are divided to warning, regulatory and informative signs with variation in color as the signs color of work zone has yellow background, red frame and black writing or figure with exception to the informative and regulatory signs that have standard forms and colors without change.

Dangerous bends, Chevron alignment, object marker, mandatory movement, speed limit, truck limit, big sign, madinah trail marker, secondary roads, road work, two way traffic, detour ahead.



REDA NATIONAL CO. produces all grades of Cationic Bitumen Emulsion/Polymer Modifies Bitumen Emulsion, and Cut-back Bitumen for road construction and preventive road maintenance conforming to ASTM BS and MOT-KSA specification.


Bitumen Emulsion

REDA NATIONAL CO. produces all grades of Cationic Bitumen Emulsion

These products are used for road construction and preventive road maintenance, Purposes.

Example: Crack filling, Tack Coat,  Slurry Seal, Micro Surfacing, Sand Seal, Chip Seal, Double Seal, Triple Seal, Cape Seal, etc.

Quick set grades of emulsions are also available upon request, while not yet standardized, their use is rapidly increasing.

Cut back Asphalt

Reda National Co produces all types of Medium curing liquid Asphalt.

Grades such as ;  MC-1; MC-2 ; MC-3 and MC-30; MC- 70; MC-250 etc….

Polymer Modifier Bitumen

Manufaturer of Polymer Modified Bitumen as per SHRP (Strategic Highway Research Programme). Specification for road purposes.

REDA NATIONAL COMPANY has a most modern technique using  high shear mill well capable of  mixing all type of polymers , which gives a uniform dispersion of polymer into the bitumen . All the plants are fully automatic with computerized touch screen to control all the operations automatically in the production.

All storage tanks (digester) have mixing facilities to keep the material in homogeneous condition.

Grade produced: Reda National Co. can produce all PG grades specified  as per SHRP spec.

For example: PG 70-10, PG 76-10,PG 76-16; PG 70-16; PG 76-22, PG 70-22 and PG 82-10 etc…


ROADS TECHNOLOGY COMPANY is a manufacturer of high quality steel fencing with core competency in customized fencing solutions. We constantly strives to research, develop and introduce product and solution to meet challenges  in the area of security.


We have an ISO Certified company manufactures and supplies Fencing made out of steel that defines our core competency.


We had developed it self into a one stop shop for all fencing requirements. We manufacture starting from the fabric of fence to posts required to support the fabric and last nut and bolt required installing a fence system we offer solutions for wide variety of applications including border, oil and gas pipelines, gardens, industrial zones, highways etc.


We are pleased to present some details about some of our products which include but not limited to followings


Fence ARAMCO Type I,II ,III, IV & V, SSD I, II & III. Gates; Bolted and welded construction, Folded type big Gates for welded Sliding Gates Manually operated and Eclectically operated.

Hot Dip Galvanized Chain Link Fence and Highway Fence.


We manufacture as per customer specification and all our products comply with international standards such as ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) and BS (British Standards).

We have 5 types of fences:

Type 1, Type 2… etc